Testimonial List

We like the quality of the service and the very prompt response time.

If your operations are very dependent on the reliability of your computer systems, Master Solutions can give you great peace of mind!

Arden Swanson ( Zoller, Swanson & Company )
Integrity and honesty. Without that, you are just another service provider.

Accessibility and knowing that most problems can be solved remotely.  Whether when I am in my office, my home, or down in Florida, we have had our problems solved and usually very quickly.

Scott McAdam ( President, McAdam Landscaping )
We love EVERYTHING about Master Solutions.

The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always goes above and beyond!  Their response and resolution to any problem we have is immediate. We love that Master Solutions does it all!  

Darlene Panko ( Executive Managing Director, Spotlight Youth Theater )
Whenever we have an IT challenge, Master Solutions is at the ready to help us out.

IT is a crucial part of our 24-hour disaster restoration company, and Master Solutions is always responsible, quick, and extremely efficient in addressing any IT challenge we submit to them. 

Warner Cruz ( Owner, J.C. Restoration )
It seriously is a no-brainer to have Master Solutions as your IT company.

Master Solutions has delivered on every single promise and commitment they have made to us. They handle all of our IT needs promptly and efficiently on a 24/7 basis -- this is not only important, it is necessary

Vince DiTommaso ( Principle, Law Offices of DiTommaso - Lubin )
They understand my business priorities and react quickly to any problems.

The Master Solutions staff can make repairs, suggest new hardware and software options, and give me answers to questions about where technology is going and how I can move with it. Because of all these things, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Master Solutions to any company, big or small.

Bill Wilkinson ( Deli Time )
We highly recommend them!

Master Solutions delivers a level of professional service that demonstrates great competence in their field, and on top of that, we're extremely confident in the moral caliber and trustworthiness. Master Solutions feels more like an extension of our company than a separate one. 

Scott Macy ( Hultgren Funeral Home )

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