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“We receive a very personal service.”

We have been very happy with the Master Service team because of their professional service and quick response. Their company size allows us to be an important client and receive a very personal service. The Master Solutions team is accessible and quick to respond, more importantly, they know us and know how to help solve issues that arise. They observe the big picture of who we are and what our needs are with quick response times and engaged problem solvers. Such a great team!

Mark Weber AIA
Principal, Wheeler Kearns Architects

“Best decision I ever made.”

Becoming a Master Solutions client 24 years ago was the best decision I ever made. As my business has grown, they have supported me with a client-focused team that feels like an in-house IT Team. Master Solutions is cost-effective, their team is professional, and most important to me, they are honest. Go with Master Solutions!

Shiv Sivakumar
President, AJ Manufacturing

“I have never been disappointed.”

As the owner of a small business, I wear many hats. The biggest benefit I personally receive working with Master Solutions is that I spend way less time thinking about or working on IT issues. Master Solutions' response time is fantastic, and overall our network operates better so we have fewer issues. If you’re considering Master Solutions, I will be honest and tell you that I’ve never been disappointed with Kevin and his team.

Julie Wrightsman
President, Maintenance Coatings Co.

“I look forward to another 10 years with Master Solutions!”

The Master Solutions team has always been and continue to be readily accessible, extremely accommodating and have solved each Tech issue that has surfaced in our business. I am very pleased to have chosen Master Solutions and I am much appreciative of the amazing team, all of whom, I have had the pleasure of working with since the first day of our professional relationship over 10 years ago. I look forward to another 10 years!

Vince DiTommaso
Partner, DiTommaso Law LLC

“They take our success as a business seriously.”

The single biggest benefit is that Master Solutions truly does take care of ALL of IT issues...and most importantly, in an expedited manner. As a business owner, I do not have time to worry about security, research IT purchases, or correct issues. The Master Solutions team takes care of everything! If you need a trusted partner to eliminate 99% of your IT issues, Master Solutions is your solution. They take our success as a business seriously.

Dan McGuire
President, Markaty Inc.

“A huge improvement over our in-house IT support.”

Having MasterCare allows you to focus on your job, without the headaches of IT issues. Knowing we can just submit a ticket it’s taken care of saves so much time. Master Solutions has been a great partner for our team and a huge improvement from our in-house IT support.

Megan Petersen
Owner & Managing Director, Deforest Group

"Highly Recommended."

Master Solutions does a great job of managing our IT systems, it is a huge relief to not have to worry about the entire process from planning, to purchasing, to installation and maintenance. The whole team is helpful and professional. Highly recommend.

Scott Dickinson
President, Natural Direct LLC

“We appreciate their attention to detail.”

Master Solutions has set up our technology systems to run efficiently for us. We appreciate their attention to detail so we have everything we need and eliminate what we don’t need. They also are prompt in tackling any issue so we can focus on what is important in our business. Because Master Solutions takes care of all our IT needs, we aren’t distracted from our mission.

Jim Vanderbilt
Certified Financial Planner, Steward Guide Wealth Partners

“Large firm capabilities, monitoring, and support with the personal touch.”

Master Solutions offers large firm capabilities, monitoring, and support with the personal touch of a family practice. The team is fantastic, they offer proactive care that happens in the background, allowing us to focus on our work. Master Solutions offers personalized service, is always available and responds quickly to any issues. They know our team and we trust them with our business, not something that is common in the IT business.

Michael Kendall
Project Architect, Wheeler Kearns Architects

“Can fix or troubleshoot any issues that occur.”

With Master Solutions, we can call and have folks familiar with our whole IT System that can fix or troubleshoot any issues that occur. They are the ‘right size’ IT firm to take good care of our needs. Enough bandwidth and knowledge to handle things but not so big that we are just another client. Getting to know the team well has been a bonus and appreciate their interest in keeping us running smoothly.

Brad Scull
President, Yorke Printe Shoppe

“Technical Competency with a Sense of Urgency”

Master Solutions has all hours support to address any IT challenges. I have used MasterCare to resolve weekend issues. Every time, I was called back promptly and the issue was resolved.

Louis Kocsis
Chief Execu⯑ve Officer, Kocsis

"We like the quality of the service and the very prompt response time."

If your operations are very dependent on the reliability of your computer systems, Master Solutions can give you great peace of mind!

Arden Swanson
Zoller, Swanson & Company

"We love EVERYTHING about Master Solutions."

The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always goes above and beyond!  Their response and resolution to any problem we have is immediate. We love that Master Solutions does it all!  

Darlene Panko
Executive Managing Director, Spotlight Youth Theater

“Extremely responsive whenever we have a problem.”

I cannot recommend Master Solutions enough. Their team is professional and extremely capable of handling any IT needs during our day-to-day operations. When we moved offices, I was fully confident in their ability to set up our servers and other IT needs, and it was a huge relief to entrust them to make all the right decisions and get us up and running within a day. The Master Solutions team is very responsive and provides tremendous peace of mind, allowing us to focus on our core business instead of the IT resources required to support it.

Gary Lynch
Owner, BEST Proto

"Integrity and honesty. Without that, you are just another service provider."

Accessibility and knowing that most problems can be solved remotely.  Whether I am in my office, my home, or down in Florida, we have had our problems solved and usually very quickly.

Scott McAdam
President, McAdam Landscaping

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